COVID iLIS - Laboratory Information System

Margy Tech Team has specially developed LIMS for COVID operations. COVID LIMS has been specially designed for laboratories to process 96,384 and combined COVID sample batches. We have created the COVID LIMS under the guidance of our specialized doctor panel Our team has been specially trained on RT PCR instrument Interfacing which performs COVID samples to get the accurate results

COVID iLIS Features

  • Multiple users
  • Multiple Locations
  • QR Code On Reports
  • Patient Management

  • Batch List Summary
  • Well No. Mapping
  • RT PCR Instrument Interfacing
  • Report Management

  • Complete Accounts Management
  • Collection Centre Login
  • Master Data
  • Online Support

  • Sample Management
  • Batch Creation (96,384, Multiple Batches)
  • Unlimited Data
  • Client Management